S. R., South Carolina – 10/11/2021
Thank you so much for your kindness to me and my family. I appreciate your willingness to pray and intercede and stand in the gap. You truly show the love and compassion of God. I truly thank you for your ministry and the work you are doing. God bless you DPM.

H. C., Kentucky, inmate – 10/25/2021

I would like to applaud you and your hospitality for sending these believers here literature on our precious Lord. I found myself in a lonely dark place, with suicidal reason, I had it all planned out. Momma is gone, I am going too. I had the rope tied ready and walking to it, I fell on my knees screaming out to God. That very day I was filled with the Holy Spirit, WOW! An hour later someone slid a Derek Prince book “The Holy Spirit in You” under my seg door and it had a book mark “Proclamation to Overcome Depression.” You helped me figure out that day what happened to me. I went to the chapel a week later and grabbed the whole stack of book marks, and I use them to minister. I need a reason to approach people. I do it through you, your book marks or confession cards, and your book list. Thank you.

D. L., California – 10/25/2021

Dear Sir or Madam, I discovered Derek Prince Ministries a few months ago on social media, and his sermons have been such a blessing to me. Thank you so much for posting them on YouTube. Words cannot express how thankful I am for Derek Prince’s teachings. They are rich in scriptures and biblical truths. Please accept my donation. Thank you for continuing Derek’s ministry with your diligent work. You are reaching out to millions over the internet. I am one of those who truly thank God, Derek, and you for sharing the beautiful gospel of Christ. May our faithful Lord bless you abundantly.

D. O., Oregon – 11/15/2021

DPM began to influence my life at the turn of the century, and he became such a great, great blessing. I just sent a gift in order to express my gratitude for the work you are doing, and the flow of love it expresses. Thank you for your persistence and kindness, in delivering the Truths he taught, for a multitude. What a difference it is making!!!

A. N., Montana – 11/17/2021

Thank you for your prayers that I was able to travel for putting my mom to rest. Since returning I am having some health issues, so resting, reading my bible and taking care of myself. Thank you for your ministry and the book "Hope Beyond Grief" has been a great help to me.

K. D., Minnesota – 11/17/2021
– online store review of Foundational Truths for Christian Living A mature believer put this book (in its original form, which was a set of booklets) into my hands shortly after Jesus saved me in 1991. I have lived out of the things I've learned in this book ever since. I've given copies of it to several family members and friends throughout the years, and they, too, have been blessed. I've also used the book as a source for teachings that I've developed for sermons and Bible studies. I can't say enough about how this book, and Derek Prince's ministry, have impacted me. I would recommend Foundational Truths for Christian Living for anyone, from new believers to seasoned saints. It's teachings are timeless!

S.F., Virginia – 11/30/2021

Dear Mr. Leggatt, I'm so grateful for the Derek Prince Ministries. My beloved wife and I accepted Jesus in Nov. 1983 (38 years ago). Derek's teaching (cassette and radio) were a vital part of our growth in Christ. My sweetheart went home to Jesus on 1/29/19. I miss her greatly. Yet, I find comfort in my children AND God's word. A few years ago (after my beloved's passing), I started re-listening to Derek's teachings. They are still so fresh and anointed. I have learned so much from Derek. I minister to men incarcerated and use his teachings as the foundation of faith in Christ. Thank you for all you do.

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