Keeping DPM in Prayer

 March 18th - 24th

March 18—France

  • Pray that the Lord will open doors for distribution of Derek’s material in other French-speaking African countries besides the Democratic Republic of Congo.

  • In the first five days of this year, five new students enrolled in the Foundations Course! Pray for Catherine to have wisdom as she works with them and that they will press on to finish the course. 

March 19—Ethiopia

  • Pray that Protection from Deception and Foundations for Christian Living in Tigrinya will be successfully printed this year and wisely distributed.

March 20—South Africa

  • Pray for the Xhosa Appointment in Jerusalem book that has been translated to be successfully printed for distribution among the prominent group of Xhosa people. (A supporter financed this project as he could not find any Christian books or Bibles in Xhosa to give to those he is reaching out to.)

Praise & Thanksgiving:

  • The Portuguese Self-Study Bible Course will be printed and distributed across Mozambique and Angola this year.

  • We have a new contact who is a librarian at the University of Kwa Zulu Natal and have sent Derek’s teaching material for their library and youth ministry!

  • Testimony: The book Life-Changing Spiritual Power has in it the Self-Study Bible Course. Fantastic material! I teach a small group of teachers at an informal settlement called Mooiplaas. They take what is taught and the material used to groups they’ve formed within the community. This study material of Derek Prince is ideal for them. The book has a copyright, so I cannot use these studies. Do you perhaps have something similar I can use?     —Mrs. Denise Shrives 

(DPM–SA gave permission for her to copy the lessons for this group, and Mrs. Shrives replied: “Oh, I’m so pleased. Thank you so much. I will definitely let you have feedback on the impact of the studies in the class.”)
March 21—Indonesia

  • DPM Director, Marcel, has been asked to provide Derek’s material for a mission school in central Kalimantan (Borneo). There are also about 200 Assembly of God churches in this area. Pray that Derek’s teaching will go far and wide through this region and be a great blessing to many people.

Praise & Thanksgiving:

  • More doors are opening for Derek’s material, and many of these are far from civilization. Last November, DPM Director, Marcel, visited Maluku Province in the east and central Kalimantan (Borneo), teaching and ministering from How to Pass from Curse to Blessing. Many people were set free from curses over their lives. He has now been asked to hold another seminar for pastors, leaders and youth in both places.

March 22—Botswana

  • Pray for the good storehouse of material available now in Botswana to encourage and build up the Church and ministries here.

Praise & Thanksgiving:

  • While visiting her son at university in Pretoria, a lady came to the South Africa office to get Mega Voice players with Derek’s teaching and Tswana Foundations teaching DVDs to take to Botswana pastors, hospital workers, a Baptist church library and the lady who worked for DPM years ago who is doing the final edit of a Tswana title. It was a divine appointment for her to come and deliver material for us!

March 23—Northern Africa

  • Millions of Berbers in Morocco and other parts of northern Africa need Bible teaching in their own language. Pray for DPM to connect with the right translators and others needed to produce Derek’s material in Tamazight, a Berber language.

  • There is also a need for Derek’s Arabic books to be sent to Morocco. Pray for a storage facility in Spain where they can be kept until they can be delivered to Morocco.

  • Pray for a DPM outreach worker to be able to get a Visa for traveling to Algeria. 

March 24—Israel

  • Pray for more pastors in Israel to receive and teach from Derek’s materials.

  • Pray that God would bring connections to key people to help distribute Derek’s teachings on the internet as well as in book form.

  • Pray that the Jewish people will seek God and recognize Jesus as their Messiah.




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