Keeping DPM in Prayer


May 2nd - 8th


May 2 - Russia

  • Our outreach workers plan to go to Rostov-on-Don and Krasnodar with Derek’s books when the borders to Russia are opened. Pray for God’s will in this situation.

  • We are also preparing to go to Astrakhan where we will visit orphanages and churches, taking Derek’s books. Pray for the Lord’s direction for this trip.

  • We plan to also travel to Macedonia and Albania where we will preach the gospel in tents with 250-300 seats. Pray for successful ministry there.

May 3 - Estonia

  • We plan to hold seminars this month on deliverance. Pray for a good attendance and fruitful meetings, that many people will be impacted and find freedom.

  • Pray for full and complete healing for our outreach worker and his wife from the after effects of the virus.

May 4 - Ukraine

  • Hundreds of rehab centers and thousands of people have received Derek’s books. Pray for seeds of righteousness to be planted in their hearts and their lives to change.

  • We urgently need a new Ukrainian website for reaching millions of Ukrainian and Russian-speaking people scattered around the world. Pray for the Lord’s guidance and help in accomplishing this.

May 5 - Syria

  • Pray for God to comfort and heal the people who have experienced trauma after 10 years of civil war and to anoint DPM’s workers to minister to them.

  • There are few state benefits for the Syrian people. One is bread, but the queues (lines) to buy it are backed up for hours. For petrol, it is up to two days, and heating oil, if found costs five times the normal price. Pray for relief from this extreme poverty.

May 6 - Egypt

  • Pray for pandemic restrictions to lessen and borders to reopen so we can resume travel to visit churches and ministries in this region and give them Derek’s materials.

  • We are now dubbing 13 episodes from "The Roman Pilgrimage" that we translated. Pray for the Lord’s help and any obstacles to be removed.

Praise reports

  • We have completed recording 20 of Derek’s radio programs on "The Identification" and trust the Holy Spirit to work through them.

  • The Lord directed us to use a new type of video clip on Facebook. Each lasted five minutes and used Arabic subtitles instead of dubbing. They reached 13,000 of our Facebook followers and were shared more than 100 times.

  • We finished the translation of Derek’s 30 key messages into the Kabyle (Berber) language and they are now posted on the Kabyle YouTube channel.

May 7 - Turkey
In recent months, interest in Derek’s teachings has increased. In many churches, Derek’s books are read and discussed at home group meetings. Pray that this hunger will continue and that God will raise up faithful DPM partners across Turkey.

May 8 - Israel
Pray for the Lord’s continued favor and blessing on our staff as they make Derek’s teaching available in Hebrew, Arabic and Russian—on our website and social media platforms as well as locally.




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