Keeping DPM in Prayer


October 25th - 31st


October 25—Zambia/Angola

Evangelist Ricky van der Walt, a DPM coworker, will travel to northwest Zambia and Angola to places he has never been before in response to pastors and other leaders in three cities asking him to come teach them. It was challenging for the organizer to travel to meet with the leaders during the pandemic, but he found great expectation!

  • Pray for protection and strength for Ricky as he travels on bad roads across many borders to reach these nations (6200 miles roundtrip) and then from city to city. He will also be carrying Derek’s material, extra fuel, and other supplies.

  • Pray for the Lord’s anointing as Ricky ministers and for the leaders and others to be ready to hear and receive from the Lord so that their lives are changed! 

October 26—Lebanon
Last October, our outreach workers from Egypt had to cancel their trip to Lebanon because of protests. Due to continued strikes, economic collapse, and the virus, we cannot visit. Pray for the Lord’s mercy in Lebanon and that we will be able to go at the right time to share Derek’s teaching and minister to many. 

October 27—Israel

  • Pray for the team in Israel to continue to have good contact with many people in the nation and beyond through Derek’s Hebrew, Arabic and Russian material they are making available.

  • Pray for continued increase in visitors to the various social media platforms where Derek’s material can be found in various formats. 

October 28—Egypt/Persian Gulf

  • Pray that more people will be reached with Derek’s teaching through our online platforms, enabling them to mature in their faith.

  • Pray for more opportunities in the Persian Gulf region to distribute Derek’s teaching.   

October 29—Turkey
Pray that our translators will have God’s wisdom and protection as a new series of translations has begun. Derek's book, Secrets of a Prayer Warrior, is now in progress. 

October 30—Iran
Pray for our Facebook page to flourish and draw more Iranians to hear God's Word. In recent months, we have seen a lot of activity and interest in Derek's materials from Iran on social networks! 

October 31—Syria/Jordan
Our ministry partner in Jordan is helping us reach people in Jordan and Syria with Derek's teaching. He visits Syria several times a year, taking Derek's material to Christians, along with food, medicine, and basic supplies. Pray for protection as he travels and ministers and for those he helps, as the situation seems to be worsening and it is difficult for people to get sufficient food.




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