Praise & Thanksgiving: Keeping DPM in Prayer

 December 17th - 23rd

December 17—Myanmar

  • Pray for God’s protection over the DPM team and key partner, “One-2-One Medical Mission,” in Myanmar and also that both would expand and find favor as they minister.


  • “I’m very happy to come to this Bible study, especially because I received DPM’s books. I have been praying for a long time to have my own books to read for growing in my spiritual life. God has answered my prayer. When Pastor B. gave a Bible study, it really touched my heart. After the Bible study, he also gave me a few books for my spiritual growth.”                                     —A new convert from Buddhism

December 18—Canada

  • Pray for DPM Director, Bob Yeo, and his board as they plan for the coming year.

  • Pray for the Lord to sovereignly put new contacts in their path that would work with them to expand the ministry in the areas of greatest spiritual need.

December 19—Tanzania

  • Swahili Bible teaching in Tanzania is severely lacking. But with Life-Changing Spiritual Power and Self-Study Bible Course now available, pray that many doors will open to share this material.

  • Pray that the Lord would bring the right people to help distribute Derek’s Bible teaching.

December 20—Rwanda

  • The Self-Study Bible Course was the seventh book translated into Kinyarwanda recently. Pray that God would use this book to help many Rwandan people understand the Bible much better.

 December 21—France

  • Pray that many more people will access the French website and YouTube channel and all the teachings that are now freely available!

  • Pray for Catherine, the Bible Correspondence Course Coordinator, to have the Lord’s wisdom as she talks to and helps people over the phone.

December 22—Hispanic Outreach

  • Pray for connection with more local Hispanic leaders who would use Derek’s teaching material in their churches and ministry outreaches.

  • Pray for more people to connect with the Spanish website, Facebook page and radio program.

December 23—Switzerland

  • Pray for Ruedi, DPM Director, and his team to wisely share Derek’s teaching, including to the French-speaking region, and to connect with the right people to work with them and support the ministry.




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