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Dear Friend,
Why should the testimonies of believers in China—anonymous followers of Jesus—be important to all of us at Derek Prince Ministries? Because we know that the more we supply Derek’s material to Chinese believers, the more the Word of God will change their lives. That is our vision. It is as simple as that, as these testimonies prove:
 “Thank you so much for sending us the USB devices and booklets with Derek Prince’s material. I am so impressed by this spiritual food and have already distributed it to many churches in Henan. I also like his WeChat teachings and the website very much.”  – from a sister in Henan (the province in China with the largest number of believers)
“When I was young it was very hard to get Derek’s teaching materials. Nowadays I receive his teachings regularly; that hugely helps my walk with the Lord.”  - G, a lawyer from Shandong Province

As encouraging as it is to know that there are as many as 150 million Chinese who have come to faith in Christ, many of these Chinese believers may not understand the importance of the cross, nor grasp the degree of spiritual warfare in which they are involved. A lack of teaching can leave them vulnerable to false doctrines and defeat. Huge numbers of anonymous believers in China still need to be reached, and we are only scratching the surface!

We believe Derek Prince Ministries is called to serve this growing church in China. Our call is to help these believers establish stronger foundations in the Word of God through Derek’s teaching. Our vision is to supply biblical teaching materials to as many leaders, house groups, and individuals as we possibly can.
But now—there is a new crisis and a greater urgency.

At this time, we face a new challenge in our service to the Chinese church. There is a new season of pressure and persecution coming upon the church in China, brought on by the oppressive religious laws in China introduced in 2018.
  • Some key leaders are being arrested.
  • The Chinese government’s threat to “sinicize” the Bible—to rewrite the Bible and corrupt it to conform to socialism—is a real danger to the church. That factor alone is a huge reason we need to supply the Chinese Church with more Bible-based materials by Derek.
  • In many places, congregations can no longer gather. They must meet in small house groups, similar to the Chinese Church of 30 years ago. We especially want to equip these untaught house group leaders with the materials they need to feed their scattered flocks.

The reasons cited above are why we are focusing on three strategic projects:
1.  Derek’s teaching in book form. We continue to pour Derek’s teaching into China through his books in Chinese. For example, last year we distributed over 100,000 copies of Shaping History Through Prayer and Fasting—stimulating the church in China to return to the place of prayer in this new season. The price of each book is low—just $0.50 a copy. Your gift of $50 will put this resource in the hands of 100 Chinese believers. Will you please help us out?
2.  Digital outreach. We are continuing to upgrade and increase our digital presence in China. Chinese believers are being reached through our WeChat platform, through our websites that provide downloadable materials in PDF, MP3, and MP4, as well as courses that they can engage in. Our target is to reach as many as possible of the 700 million Chinese who regularly access the Internet through mobile phones or by other means.

The cost for uploading these materials and maintaining these life-giving digital platforms is $150 a week. Our team informs us that the on-line materials by Derek are already touching Chinese people in 68 different nations—almost one-third of the nations of the world! Could you help us reach more people inside and outside of China?
3.  Spiritual libraries. At this time, we are also providing libraries of Derek’s materials on USB sticks and on SD cards. Our rationale for doing so is simple. If the day should come when China locks down even tighter, leaders will have a huge resource of Derek’s teaching to access without needing to go to the Internet. It will be right there in their hands—stored on a USB or SD card. A huge storehouse of life-giving materials—all in Chinese!

The price per unit is $8. Our target for the first 6 months of 2020 is 10,000 units, which translates into a total of $80,000. Your gift of $32 would enable us to place units into the hands of four house group leaders for training in the Word of God.
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We Need Your Help

Why should you help us with any of these projects we have listed? The answer will come when you ask yourself the following question:  What really matters to God in China today?

True, China is in the news every day in every country. The tariff trade war with the United States, the military fortifications China has built on international land, violent events in Hong Kong, Chinese global expansion efforts in Asia, Africa, and Europe. All these factors are critically important from a geo-political perspective. But only one thing really matters—the well-being and the growth of China’s church.

Every empire will pass away, including China—just as the British and the Russian empires have. Only the kingdom of God will remain. Will you join us in investing in God’s kingdom and its impact in China?

To help the people of China experience the fullness of life in Christ, please send a special gift of $32 or more today using the link below.

In His Name,