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Dear Friend,

Pastor Bogdan has a big vision for sharing God’s love with everyone he meets, especially with drug and alcohol addicts who live in Norilsk, Siberia.
But, he needs our help to reach more people with the Gospel and help them grow as followers of Jesus!

Daily life in Norilsk is hard. Snow covers the ground for six months. And, in the dead of winter, temperatures can drop to minus 40 degrees. Unemployment is high and those who do have jobs often struggle to make ends meet. In remote places like Norilsk there is a deep sense of hopelessness and despair often fueled by alcoholism and drug abuse.

Yet, in the middle of hopelessness and suffering—there is good news!

The good news is that in remote areas of Siberia, Belarus, Ukraine, and Armenia, hundreds of pastors like Bogdan are using Derek Prince’s teaching materials to minister to local people who desperately need to experience God’s life-changing love and forgiveness. 

Thanks to your past generosity to our outreach in the former Soviet Republics, they have already helped people like Volodya* to restore their broken lives.

Volodya’s story: From alcoholism and despair—to serving Jesus OTN-2018-10-FSR-Appealaus-2

Volodya’s life was in pieces. He began to drink heavily several years ago when he lost his job. He was unable to find a steady job and his drinking got worse. Last year, his wife and children left him and stopped communicating with him. 

“I felt rejected and my life had lost all meaning,” said Volodya. “I did not know where to turn to for help.”

A few months ago, Pastor Bogdan met Volodya outside a shop. Sensing his distress, he gave Volodya a copy of The Divine Exchange by Derek Prince.

This was a life-changing moment for Volodya. At first, he didn’t want to read it. In fact, he wanted to throw the booklet away. But, when he saw a cross on it, he decided to take it home.

A few days later, when he was sober, Volodya took the booklet from the shelf and began to read it.

I will never forget that day. I was shocked when I realized that there was someone who was ready to take away my sins and addictions. Someone who would bear my curses and rejection, who would give me His life and joy instead of all the pain and agony I was experiencing.”

Volodya said the prayer at the end of the booklet and fell asleep. When he woke up the next morning he felt like he was a completely different person. The first thing he did on that day was to reconcile with his family. Then, he went to speak to Pastor Bogdan and asked about what he could do to join the church and learn more about God.
Volodya’s life was restored. And now, he is sharing his faith with other men who are struggling like he was.
Here is what Pastor Bogdan says:

We cannot ignore the cries for help of people like Volodya. We can offer them a way out of addiction, hopelessness, and despair, by telling them about Jesus and how He can set them free.

Derek Prince materials and resources are vital tools in the ministry of setting people free from the bondages of addiction, hopelessness, generational curses, and much more. 

I have been using Derek’s teaching in my church for many years now. We are very grateful for every book and DVD that you have sent to us.

More hurting people need to learn that Jesus is their hope. Please keep sending more of Derek’s materials to us, so testimonies like Volodya’s can be multiplied throughout the region.
I am asking you today to pray and to give generously so we can continue to provide free resources by Derek Prince to pastors in remote parts of Siberia, Belarus, Ukraine and throughout the former Soviet Republics.

Your gift of $30, $100 or any amount God lays on your heart is crucial to helping desperate people break free from whatever holds them captive.

With your love and support, we can print and distribute life-changing discipleship materials by Derek Prince in Russian and other Slavic languages.

Pastors like Bogdan desperately need more books, like Blessing or Curse: You Can Choose, Called to Conquer, Foundations for Christian Living, Marriage Covenant, and The Self-Study Bible Course. These resources can help people like Volodya discover who God is, and rebuild their broken lives on biblical foundations. 

My hope is that you will prayerfully consider giving to our DPM outreach today using the link below.

The translation work is finished, and our printers and volunteer distributors in different nations are ready to do their job; they just need your gift to get the job done.

Thank you again for helping pastors like Bogdan, and new believers like Volodya, to build God’s kingdom in remote towns and villages of the former Soviet Republics.

Together, we can reach them. Thank you!

Yours in Christ’s service,