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Dear Friend,

How does Satan use deceptive strategies to keep people from discovering God? 

Jesus wants to move mightily in Eastern Europe. But Satan is deceptive and charming—like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Across this region, the enemy is using disguises like the new age movement, mysticism, and the occult to captivate people.
The sad truth is that many in Eastern Europe today are being lured into searching for peace, hope, and comfort by believing the devil’s counterfeits.
Even more disturbing, many of these people don’t realize that it is Satan not God who is influencing them!
In Albania, Croatia, Romania, and Bulgaria, the new age movement is growing in popularity through activities such as yoga and meditation, self-help philosophies, and witchcraft. These false pursuits present strong challenges to the mission of the church.
Some of these practices might seem harmless. Yet, as Vladislav’s story shows, they can open the door to dangerous spiritual pitfalls that could destroy someone’s life.

Vladislav’s story:  Becoming more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus!

Vladislav grew up in the city of Sibenik in Croatia. His parents were atheists who had grown up in the Communist era, so they never taught him about God or the Bible.
A few years ago, Vladislav, who at that time knew very little about the spiritual world, was invited by a friend to try kundalini kriya yoga as a way of finding inner peace. He was being seduced to seek some kind of supernatural experience. That’s why he eagerly learned all he could about chakras, yoga postures, and Hindu divinities.
As time went by, yoga became addictive to Vladislov—like a heavy drug. He isolated himself from other people. Gradually, he began to feel as if he was disappearing into a trance, overcome by a strange sense that someone else was living his life.
As he struggled with everyday life, Vladislav started to doubt the validity of the spiritual teachings he was receiving. One day, when he was feeling desperate, he started to cry out to God. Vladislav begged God to lead him to the truth.
From that moment onward, Vladislav started to look for answers online. By watching the stories of Christians who had practiced yoga in the past, he realized that he had opened himself up to demonic influences. That’s when he decided to find a way to be set free.
His search led him to Derek Prince’s videos on YouTube. Watching and listening to Derek's teaching on “The Basics of Deliverance,” Vladislav discovered who Jesus really is. He began to see the significance of His death and resurrection.
At the end of the second video teaching, when Derek invited people to pray for deliverance, Vladislav took the steps. As he prayed, tears started flowing from his eyes. His stomach was churning, as if someone was hitting him. Then he felt something disgusting come out of his mouth and out of his entire being.
A few days later Vladislav bought his first Bible and asked our DPM worker in Croatia for books by Derek Prince to help him understand God’s Word.
Vladislav has been a Christian for over a year. He is grateful for answered prayers that led him to Derek’s teaching and to the presence of God Almighty!

Vladislav’s story is a great example of how our DPM outreach is uniquely positioned in Eastern Europe. We are able to equip local believers and churches with solid Bible teaching for effective ministry.
That is why in 2018 we are aiming to put Derek’s teaching on spiritual warfare and other foundational Bible teaching into the hands of hundreds of church leaders in Croatia, Albania, Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia, and elsewhere. Will you help us in this goal? We will only be able to do it through your generosity. It will only happen because you care enough to support this vital, life-changing ministry.
Your generosity makes it possible to rescue people like Vladislav from the claws of fake spirituality, building their newfound faith upon God’s Word.

Will you send a special gift of $30, $60, or $150 to our DPM outreach in Eastern Europe?

Together we can equip and resource hundreds of local churches and believers:  
  • to help more people like Vladislav recognize the dangers of false spirituality;
  • to lead more people in communities and workplaces to Jesus, the only Source of true hope, peace, and comfort;
  • to equip new believers and church congregations with the life-changing truths from God’s Word, helping them minister to others who might be deceived by the new age movement and occult practices.   

With your help, we can equip local churches and believers like Vladislav to share God’s truths in a society that is disillusioned by Satan’s lies.  

That is why I am asking—on their behalf—for your support today.
I pray Vladislav’s story will stir your heart into action, just like it stirred mine. Thousands of women and men like him, living in Eastern Europe today, are desperately longing for a chance to experience real peace and joy.
Your gift to this outreach will help to bring people in Eastern Europe out of the darkness into God’s light, and into a life that is worth living.
Thank you in advance for your generous support,


PS.  Vladislav was just one life who was saved from Satan’s lies. Even now, there are many others longing for release. God can use you to rescue them from Satan’s claws through our DPM outreach.