Week 1

 Recent Media Uploads 
The Suffering Servant (download)
Tuesday, 3/31/2020
Son of Man (download)
Monday, 3/30/2020

Week 2

 Recent Media Uploads 
From Death to Life (download)
Friday, 4/14/2017
From Rejection to Acceptance (download)
Thursday, 4/13/2017
From Poverty to Prosperity (download)
Wednesday, 4/12/2017
From Sickness to Healing (download)
Tuesday, 4/11/2017
From Curse to Blessing (download)
Monday, 4/10/2017

Week 3

The Secret Hidden Wisdom (download)
Friday, 4/21/2017
A Kingdom of Priests (download)
Thursday, 4/20/2017
As the Father Has Sent Me… (download)
Wednesday, 4/19/2017
Born Again Out of Death (download)
Tuesday, 4/18/2017
Buried and Resurrected (download)
Monday, 4/17/2017

Week 4

 Recent Media Uploads 
The Roman Recipe (download)
Friday, 4/28/2017
Faith Must Be Confessed (download)
Thursday, 4/27/2017
The Second Barrier: Unbelief (download)
Wednesday, 4/26/2017
The First Barrier: Ignorance (download)
Tuesday, 4/25/2017
Recapitulation (download)
Monday, 4/24/2017
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