Praise & Thanksgiving: Keeping DPM in Prayer

 January 21th - 27th

January 21—France

  • Pray for wisdom for René as he directs the work in France and looks for new opportunities to share Derek’s teaching.

  • Pray for more supporters, online donors and workers to help expand the ministry.

January 22—Botswana

  • Pray for a smooth final editing of Life-Changing Spiritual Power, which will be printed this year.

  • Pray that church libraries, hospital workers, pastors and other leaders will be encouraged and strengthened by Derek’s teaching and apply it in their ministries.


Praise & Thanksgiving:

  • Mega Voice players containing Derek’s teaching and a set of the Foundations teaching DVDs in Tswana has been sent to Botswana.

January 23—Ukraine

  • Students from the Fire Bible School have received Derek’s Ukrainian materials. Pray for them to be strengthened in their faith and equipped to boldly share the Gospel.

  • In the first half of this year, four new books and 42 Teaching Letters in Russian will be printed. Pray for protection in the spiritual realm for those involved in these projects.

January 24—Israel

  • Continue to pray for favor, wisdom and protection for George and Betty Jackson and their team in Israel as they produce and share Derek’s teaching material in several languages.

  • Pray for hearts to increasingly open to God’s love and redemption through Christ.


January 25—Latin America

  • Pray for new doors to open this year for sharing Derek’s teaching throughout Latin America.

  • Pray for connection to the right people in the right places where Bible teaching is most needed.


January 26—Norway

  • Pray for new ways to encourage people to give more to DPM’s worldwide outreaches.

  • Pray for good translators to begin working on material in the Sami language.

  • Pray for the Holy Spirit to fall on the youth group as they go through the Self-Study Bible Course.

  • Pray for more partners to help build the work of DPM in Sweden. The first Teaching Letter in Swedish has just been sent out to 120 contacts.


Praise & Thanksgiving:
  • Eight of Derek’s books have now been successfully translated and printed in Sweden, as well as 12 Proclamation cards. These have all been produced within two years. Praise the Lord!

January 27—China

  • A China team member was recently told inside China that Sunday School is now banned in some areas. A pastor said his church was raided by Security Police who demanded that the seats set up for Sunday School be removed, as no class teaching could take place. Another pastor was told that any group of more than 10 people (including Sunday services) would result in a fine of over US $1,000 per person. China has gone back 30 years, and the China we see on the outside is not the China taking place for Christians inside China. Pray for the believers in China who are facing these severe restrictions.

Praise & Thanksgiving:
  • One of our team was approached spontaneously in China by a pastor at a meeting where he was speaking. The pastor said how thrilled he was that the team member had mentioned the name of Ye Guang Ming (Derek Prince in Chinese) as the people in his church had been fed on his teaching over the years. We praise the Lord for times when we see what Derek’s teaching has done for believers in China.




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