Keeping DPM in Prayer


October 20th - 26th


October 20—Peru/South America 
Derek’s radio messages continue to be translated into the Ayacucho Quechua dialect of Peru and neighboring nations. Pray for encouragement and anointing for the team and for this teaching to have a great impact upon pastors, other leaders, and all who hear it. 

October 21—Central/South America 

  • Pray for strong relationships with pastors and other leaders in Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay, Argentina and Colombia.

  • Pray for increased distribution of Derek’s English and Spanish material through these contacts. 


October 22—Solomon Islands
Pray for good health and strength for DPM representative and business woman, Tele Bartlett as she continues to distribute Derek’s teaching material across this region. 

October 23—Australia
Pray for increased connections with people and ministries who desire to use Derek’s teaching material among the Indigenous community so that the Indigenous outreach will expand. 
October 24—Tanzania

  • Pray for the Swahili printing work to be completed on time. 

  • Pray for favour upon the registration process of DPM in Tanzania so that it is approved soon.

  • Pray for needed partners and field workers for the work of DPM in this region. 

October 25—Rwanda/Burundi
The translation of the last few books that make up the compilation, Life-Changing Spiritual Power, is now finished. Pray that the printing and distribution of this title will go smoothly. 

October 26—Angola/Mozambique
Pray that the ministries, Bible schools and leaders in Angola and Mozambique will wisely use the new Portuguese Self-Study Bible Course to teach and train others.




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