Keeping DPM in Prayer


February 28th - March 6th


February 28—Egypt/Persian Gulf

  • In 2020, nine books were produced in Arabic and downloaded in PDF and audio formats on our Arabic platforms. Pray for those searching for God to find this material and be drawn to faith in Christ and that more people can be reached online.

  • Pray that all of Derek’s core teaching messages, along with his Daily Devotion and the Prayer for the Government book, which have been translated into Kabyle, will answers questions and minister to Kabyle speakers in North Africa. 

March 1—International
Pray for grace, wisdom, encouragement and protection over the staff and outreach workers of each DPM office worldwide as they press on with their goals midst the pandemic and other challenges. 

March 2—Armenia
Vazgen, DPM director for this region, will be traveling to Nagorno Karabakh, a war zone. Pray for him and his team to have safe and successful trips as they reach out to refugees from the recent conflict and use Derek’s teaching wherever they can. 

Arman is a famous young artist in Armenia who was close to death with kidney failure when he read Exchange at the Cross. He was so touched he accepted Christ, was baptized with the Holy Spirit at home, and now has a small group in his studio, teaching people the subject of this book. This message so impacted Arman that he started painting pictures on that topic and organized an exhibition in his city. He tells everyone how Derek's teachings changed his life and decided to send his tithes to DPM. He supported printing 5,000 copies of Exchange at the Cross booklets, which were freely distributed in Armenia before Christmas. Arman dreams of making Derek's teachings available to many artists and young people in Armenia. 

March 3—Azerbaijan

  • Pray for the successful translation of the Roman Pilgrimage videos into Azeri.

  • Pray for this teaching to help believers in this Islamic nation be strong in their faith.   

March 4—Ukraine

  • Pray that we are able to create and launch a new website. The old website has been effective for seven years, but a new one is urgently needed.

  • We thank God for the forthcoming Russian release of Derek Prince: A Biography and the biography audiobook. Pray that this material will reach and impact many people.

  • Pray for Vyacheslav, our publisher and co-worker, to have God’s favor on his business and to be strong in his faith. He also needs a church and Christian friends. 

March 5—Syria

  • Pray for the Church and our workers to be strong and give hope to people who have given up due to the suffering from the 10-year civil war and its sanctions. Some people wait hours each day for bread, so it is easy to understand their desperation.

  • Pray for those representing DPM to provide encouragement and Derek’s teaching whenever and wherever they can. 

March 6—Egypt

  • Pray that the videos, books and radio messages we have chosen to produce this year will meet the spiritual needs of many, including those who follow Derek’s teaching.

  • We are working to complete 20 radio messages on Identification (on the Resurrection). Pray for the Lord’s help and that when they are broadcast in April on various stations, the Holy Spirit will use them to change hearts.




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