Keeping DPM in Prayer


August 9th - 15th


August 9—Norway

  • The Lord has opened the door to the Sami population in northern Norway, and Proclamation Cards have been sent to up to 100 contacts. Pray for this people group to come to Jesus and be delivered from evil spirits and false teaching.

  • Pray for the DPM board to have more opportunities to share Derek’s teaching and the wisdom and ability to meet new challenges that will help expand the ministry. 

August 10—Croatia

  • For almost two decades, DPM–Croatia has been producing and distributing Derek’s teaching. Pray that God will open many new doors for sharing his materials.

  • Pray that the recently published book, Protection from Deception, will teach believers to exercise spiritual discernment on the truths of God’s Word.     

August 11—Belarus

  • The difficult time caused by the pandemic has greatly affected our churches. Some well-known pastors, including those who are our good friends, have suffered from the virus. Pray for healing, encouragement, and protection over them and their congregations.

  • Pray for our country and for God's wisdom for the government.

  • Pray for the Lord’s direction for the future of the ministry here and for God’s people to be encouraged and able to minister to others.

Outreach Report
Before the pandemic, we held monthly meetings in villages near the border, and fruit was coming forth. Now, a group of people want to begin meeting for services as a small church! We thank God for working in their hearts with the help of Derek's teaching! We desire for the ministry motto, “Reaching the unreached, teaching the untaught” to always be a reality in our work.
August 12—United Kingdom

  • The lockdown here has further restricted prisoners. Pray for those who received Derek’s materials recently to be encouraged by it and to use their time to draw closer to God.

  • A new mobile app has been developed, making Derek’s Bible teaching accessible for more people. Pray for it to be used by many. 

August 13—Netherlands

  • This office leads the editing and subtitling of Derek’s video teaching in different languages. Pray for highly skilled translators to be available and that the work on another 30 messages will be completed successfully.

  • Pray for wisdom regarding the next projects to focus on that will best meet the spiritual needs of the people in this nation and region. 

August 14—Slovakia

  • Pray for greater awareness of the value of Derek’s teaching, especially among church leaders so they would use it to teach their congregations.

  • Pray for Christians in Slovakia to be “salt and light” as expressed in Scripture and show God’s unconditional love to others.

  • Pray for successful proofreading of the book, Spiritual Warfare for the End Times

August 15—France

  • Continue to pray for Catherine who oversees the Bible Correspondence Course and other tasks; for Caroline, who works in Social Media, and Rodney who works on daily devotions and email blasts. They all need God’s wisdom, strength, and encouragement.

  • There are now seven daily devotions with teaching that are available. Pray that more people will sign up to receive them and be encouraged.




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