Keeping DPM in Prayer


February 16th - 22nd


February 16—Norway

  • We thank God for the many new contacts from pastors who want to start using Derek’s books and DVD teachings on a regular basis.

  • In the youth groups DPM is connected with, pray that the Holy Spirit will call these young people to spread the “Good news” among their friends.

  • Pray for growth in the work in Sweden to translate, print and distribute Derek’s books and for local pastors to desire to use Derek’s teaching.

  • Pray for the Sami people group to help spread the Proclamation Cards that have been sent to leaders and lay people. 

February 17—United States  
Pray for the Lord’s continued blessing upon the prison outreach, whereby about 800 pieces of free material are sent monthly to inmates across the country at their request.

Prison Testimony – U.S.     
“I have been tremendously blessed by your ministry, generosity, material and prayers! After 18 months, I am returning home soon. Needless to say, I’m super excited. The Lord has made me over and healed my soul. He also spoke to me through your books and Proclamation Cards. Because of your faithfulness to the Lord, I’m strong, wiser, more humble, more loving, gentler and better equipped with spiritual weapons and knowledge to fully submit to God and His call on my life. I will remain in contact with your ministry and continue to support you in prayer and financially. I’m grateful for your sacrifice!” — Grenetta, West Virginia

February 18—United States/Hispanic Outreach

  • Pray for Hispanic pastors and leaders in the USA and Latin America to use the DPM Spanish website and other social media ( to access Derek’s teaching.

  • Pray for the Hispanic team in the U.S. office to know the Lord’s plan for this year and for more local contact with Hispanic pastors and churches.

  • Pray for wide distribution of new Audiobooks and continuation of work on new ones. 

February 19—Peru/South America 
Continue to pray for wisdom and encouragement for the translators working on Derek’s radio messages in the Ayacucho and Quechua Cuzco dialects of Peru and neighboring countries. 

February 20—Australia
The Proclamation Cards on God’s Protection that are now printed, list the free resources available on the Australia website. The cards will be sent to supporters, offering them more cards to share with family and friends. Pray for a good response. 

February 21—Angola/Mozambique

  • The revised Portuguese Self-Study Bible Course has been printed for Angola and Mozambique. Pray for smooth distribution and wise use by the ministries for teaching purposes and to raise up strong leaders.

  • Pray that more of the 22 Portuguese titles can be printed this year for these two nations. 

February 22—South Africa

  • Pray for Derek’s teaching on TV and mobile devices to reach and touch many people.

  • Pray for Derek’s Israel-related material that was taken by Hope, a co-worker, for 12 Lemba leaders in Venda to be used well. The Lemba people are related to the Zimbabwe and Ethiopian Jews. 

Outreach Report – South Africa

  • Many ministries network with us to use and share Derek’s teaching, including those working with abused women and prostitutes. We thank God for these good relations, as we depend upon them to deliver Derek’s material for us while on ministry trips since we cannot mail it due to high costs and theft.

  • A retired pastor visited towns in the Kalahari Desert last November where there is no resident pastor, taking a selection of Derek’s Afrikaans books to leave with local leaders. One lady he gave the books to works for the Government and will be doing outreaches. She was so pleased to get them she even read some during the night!

  • A pastor was so impressed with what his young people had learned through Hope’s teaching of Derek’s Self-Study Bible Course and Foundations teaching in Venda that he asked her to come teach in the villages in Limpopo Province.




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