Praise & Thanksgiving: Keeping DPM in Prayer

September 17th - 23rd

September 17—United Kingdom

  • Pray for favor and good connections with pastors and church leaders.

  • Pray for new opportunities to support multi-cultural churches in the U.K. with Derek's materials.

  • Pray for God’s guidance for the Inside Outreach prison ministry and for new contacts to work with DPM in serving inmates and ex-offenders.

September 18—Kenya

  • The elections in Kenya were annulled and will be held again October 17. Pray for the post-election process in Kenya when there is usually violence that negatively impacts the nation. With large print jobs in process and more to follow, pray for protection over the printers, equipment, distributors and DPM warehouse in Nairobi.

September 19—India

  • Over 200 Bible colleges are being invited this month to enroll in the Graduate Gift Pack Program for 2018. Pray for an excellent response to this offer of free resources.

  • Pray for more bookshops to stock Derek’s books and for increased sales of material.

  • Directors Elsie and Danny will hold pastors’ conferences in October in North India, which are poorer states where teaching is needed most. Pray for many to attend and be blessed.


  • We thank God for two new staff members: Stella, Elsie’s new secretary, and Kirithiga, who will handle website design and maintenance.

  • “We thank God for DPM, which is blessing many theological institutions by providing quality books for graduates. Our college and students are blessed through your ministry. May God bless all the works of your hands.”   —Jonathan Joseph, Maranatha Bible Training Institute and College

September 20—Iran

  • Some Iranian underground pastors met in secret recently for special training with the Video Bible School teaching (30x13 Project). Many have little or no theological background and need teaching and oversight. Pray for this material to help them gain a solid foundation for their faith and equip them to disciple others.

September 21—Vietnam

  • Pray for God’s protection and anointing on the translators who have completed work on Proclamation Cards in Vietnamese and are now translating several books and Teaching Letters.

  • Pray for this material to be distributed wisely and be a great help and encouragement to many.

September 22—Russia

  • Laws on religious activities are increasingly strict, and it’s important to use the opportunities God is opening up. Pray for good contacts, as well as new translations and printing projects.

  • Pray that God will raise up the right people to work with the ministry and get them connected.

September 23—Indonesia

  • Pray for the Lord’s protection and wisdom for Director, Marcel, as he seeks to bring Derek’s Bible teaching to many parts of Indonesia.

  • Pray for more co-workers to join him in accomplishing the Lord’s plans here for DPM.




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